"Some people can be so exhausting when they’re trying to purchase a robe. Merlin."

Underneath the Masks || Karim & Allison


Karim laughed at his sister’s expression and shook his head, “Sorry, Vari I….” his voice trailed off and he laughed again.

Once the youngest Thomas was calmed down he looked at his sister, “Seriously, Vari, I’m sorry, I was just trying to see if my costume was scary enough. Obviously it is.” he chuckled.

Shavari could still feel her heart pounding, trying to get back in order from it skipping a beat. She tried to remain calm after figuring everything out, and she tried to catch her breath so that she could speak without falter. She definitely knew that if the couple wanted to scare her just to scare her, she’d be fuming.

Shavari didn’t know what to think then, though, considering her brother had a more legitimate explanation than knowing his costume was scary and just wanting to try to scare her.

At least more of an explanation Shavari approved of.

But at the same time, she felt as embarrassed as could be. She could still hear the light, uncontrollable snickering from Allison, and it took a few seconds for Karim to get his laughter out before he finally apologized.

"I’m- … I’m sorry too, Vari," Allison said between hitched breaths, trying to get the girl to speak.

Shavari took a deep breath and pressed her hands into her bed as her heartbeats and breathing finally felt back to normal. “Alright … Alright … Do you like that cloak, Allison?”

Allison turned to Karim, throwing the hood over her head for his opinion, but she herself was definitely liking it the best out of the three.


When Shavari was old enough to drink legally in the muggle world, wine was what she had for her first glass.

It became a favorite of hers, and she’d always have a bottle in her living space when she moved out of Dean’s place. She would normally drink a glass every few nights.


Minimalist Watercolors

Samantha's characters.

Tyson & Shavari


Really, now? So you’ve gone to the Yule Ball, you’ve played against me, you’ve been one of those dandy kids who thought they possessed all cleverness and that they could boss us around non-stop—try not to be too offended, I’m merely prejudiced, and you’re a graduate—judging by the multiple ‘was’s’. And I’d thought you were some petty Muggle.

*furrows her brow inconspicuously out of disgust as he talks poorly about the student authority at Hogwarts, even though it might have been a little bit true* Some may have taken the title to their head, yes; but I’ll have you know that others of us did only our duties. However, perhaps you’re merely breaking every rule in sight, hence why we’d need to boss you around non-stop?

But yes, I graduated just this past year. And since you’re not at the castle, I’d assume you dropped out or might have passed to graduate yourself.

Shavari & Albus


My eyebrows look like a pair of caterpillars having a conversation …..


*furrows her own brow, yet smiles a bit at Albus* Excuse me? Caterpillars having a conversation? How so?